The scenery from a distance


*Please don’t take this as an outfit post =P This is me in my comfy “car ride” clothes… lol
This is the amazing scenery from NJ looking over at NYC… It always amazed me driving in a town with old 19th century homes mixed with commercial condos… than BAM! The City!
Please don’t take this as an outfit post =P  This is me in my comfy “car ride” clothes… lol
For Thanksgiving week, the hubby, boss, and I took a trip down to NJ to visit the lovely in laws. We made our ritual stop by Mitsuwa Japanese Super market in Edgewater, NJ. My Asian Jersey boy introduced me to this fasinating place when we started going out and ever since this was our common rest stop to NJ. I love this place! There’s a plaza with stores that sells Asian books, Japanese houseware, Cosmetics, and little useless but cute nick nacks. A few years ago they updated the plaza into something more classy looking- which takes out most of the fun from what it once used to be. They used to serve a wide assortment of boba tea etc… but I guess that wasn’t representing the culture too well, so some fart decided to discontinued the delicacy. However, the area is very pretty and clean now.
Aside from the plaza- Mitsuwa has a wide assortment of Japanese beauty products. I’ve always love Japanese cosmetics. The packaging are always so lovely and Kawaii!!! ^_^ Besides the outside appearance, the products do me good. These are a few new products that were on sale at the store the day I was there- so I decided to give them a try. I am so happy with my purchased, I stopped by on my way home to stock up. The prices are cheaper than online and I don’t have to pay shipping. My reviews are below…

Cleansing Express – Makeup Remover
This makeup remover is amazing! I have not read or watched prior reviews to this before I bought it. I thought I give it a shot since it was a big bottle for a amazing deal of $8.99- 300ml or 10.14 fl. oz. This is meant to work as a face makeup cleanser and not eye makeup remover- however the picture shows a girl with one eye made and one eye not. Just read carefully.
This cleanser is to be used by pumping it out onto a cotton pad and wiping off any makeup. You don’t need to wash your face. However if you want to, you can just splash water on. It states on the bottom “Ready for bed as soon as possible”. My first impression was, yea right… but once I’ve tried it, it really felt clean like after a face washed. It came in 4 kinds… brightening, sebum (oily/normal skin), age care, and moist (for dry skin). I’m usually the type that is never impressed with any skin products, however this was a satisfied purchased =)  I wished I discovered this in college… this is what every girl needs after da club =P

Kracie Ichikami Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment Set
Okay… so little story about my hair… After numerous bleaching from highlights and coloring in the past… it left my hair dry, brital, with lots of split ends. I literally went out of my way to buy fancy deep conditioners and mask. One of them was a $20 Redken “extreme” leave in conditioner, which was totally useless. All those fancy conditioners and mask became useless after rinsing. My hair was still left tangled and dry.
I had tried the deep conditioner from Kracie Ichikami before but never their shampoo. The deep conditioner worked well- but I think it goes hand in hand with the shampoo. This set (- the deep conditioner in the middle) cost $13. Cheap… so I thought I give my first Asian brand a try since the conditioner worked pretty well. To my surprised, it made my hair felt really nice and healthy. Supposedly there are herbal ingredients used in this shampoo to add richness in the hair. My hair literally look a lot better after my first wash… No joke! I saw less split ends and didn’t have much tangle as I did before. It felt silky smooth and heavy. The only problem I would say about this, is it takes away the much needed volume. However I rather have healthy hair after all those years of torturing it.