Tarte, Lorac, and Stila Holiday Review

Tarte Jewelry box $54
I’ve been wanting to gush about this lovely Tarte Jewerlry box since I had bought it 3 weeks ago. Every holiday season Tarte comes out with a box filled with goodies like eye shadows, blush, gloss, and this time eye liners! I think they get better every year, however there are a few disadvantages to this. I’m going to start by saying how much I love their lip and cheek stains as it is already. I like the fact that this brand specialized in using rich ingredients and leaving out all the chemicals most companies tend to rely so much on. I know that they are not total angels as this may just be a marketing ploy. Many companies take us consumers as idiots promoting their products as “natural” and “healthy”. However, there are a few good ones out there and companies like Tarte is better than nothing. It’s a bigger step toward a newer trend. Sorry for going off topic…
The Jewelry box has a lovely but kind-of useless detachable necklace in the front. It looks better on the box, but gets annoying as you make use of the box. This box is such a great deal. A Tarte palette 8-10 shadows can cost $44+. The colors are a mix of shimmer and matte. I like the fact that there are a lot of matter shadows since I have wayyyy too many glittery and shimmery shadows. Their shimmer shadows are not over done and very subtle. The light shades are a bit too light… almost defeat the purpose of having colors. This box comes with a bronzer and a cheek highlighter. Both are a bit too shimmery for me, but then again I haven’t played around with that part as much. As far as the glosses, some are pigmented and others are sheer. The color eyeliners are nothing special to me. You kind of have to soften it in the back of your hands before use. Unless… you like it rough.
On a sadder note, the box was bulky, flimsy, and hard to manage when in used. Every time I use this, I have to place it on a flat table, then open up the box. I don’t have a vanity table and chair, therefore it makes the job a bit more of a challenge. Already clumsy as I am, it’s difficult to go back and forth on colors I’m using, especially if it’s on another layer. I wish the design was kept to 2 layers and opens nicely like a book. I wouldn’t mind if it’s wider, as long as it’s not too thick and bulky.
Tie Dye Lip Gloss $25
Lorac, another brand that steer away from common junky chemicals. This was actually a fun product of theirs. Whenever I think of Lorac… I think boorrring. I saw this online and the reviews were up the charts- so I thought I give it a try since Sephora had a amazing return policy. The price was another bang for the buck. $25 for 5 full size tube of gloss! whooo! I felt like it was maybe too good to be true. Once it was in my hands- I immediately swatch all the colors. They were all a surprise to see… since the tubes has many different swirls of colors. At first, I felt a little disappointed that I only liked one color. However I test them all on different days with different outfits and I LOOOOVVVEEEE THEM!!!! All the colors complimented me so well and they stay on pretty long. The darker shades bleeds a bit but with some makeup tricks you should be fine! All the colors were rich and amazing over bare lips. You would need lip liner with these shades but overall… I am in Love =)
Stila Travel size $10 each
Never a fan of Stila. I always thought their packaging was a little cheesy looking. They’re also on my “bad customer service” list. I had emailed them several times with questions regarding ingredients and they all got ignored- where as other companies like Urban Decay emailed me back with through information. Stila = Yucky service. Still not tempted to try their other stuff… but these travel size palettes called out to me at the Ulta’s counter. I love the small compact size, easy magnetic closure, with 4 shades of complimentary eye shadows and blush/lip stick… all for $10. This is the perfect put in your purse/ travel palette. I started out with one, and simply adore everything (except the artwork) about it. The shadows and lippy delivered…the packaging was exactly what I needed, and the price was reasonable. I adore the the gloss/ blush.  If worn as a lip color you will need extra gloss, however it’s perfect for the cheeks! I ordered the rest of this line on Sephora during the F&F sale and am happy with the others as well. This will help lighten my travels a lot more.