My visit to Elle Magazine

This past weekend was a total blur to me. It’s almost hard for me to realize what went on. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Emily Dougherty, chief Beauty and Fitness editor of Elle Magazine. Now… if you’re thinking I’m one of those lucky girls that gets invited to things like this, think not. It’s sort of a long story- but to make things short, I took a chance and made it happen for myself.
From shows like Ugly Betty and college field trips to big magazine companies, I was almost expecting something stereotypical. The experienced was far from that- or at least the people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet. Emily and her very kind assistant Ashley invited me to the beauty closet and gave me a tour of the new ELLE location. I wasn’t allowed to take photos outside their beauty closet but you wouldn’t have missed out. The floor was covered with cubicles divided into special departments. The furniture and decor were kept bright, clean and simple. I had the chance to peak into the clothing and accessories closet *drool… I thought I’ve seen sparkly Chanel bags or something… again can’t remember. I thought I died and gone to heaven!

The best part out of the trip was having casual conversations with Emily. Like any person would probably be… I was nervous as hell!! The whole time I was in the waiting room, I kept asking to myself, does she really want to see me? She’s probably just being VERY nice. Finally, I got to meet her. She was a petite figured woman, with flawless snow white skin, no makeup needed type of person, and dark brown hair comfortably tied away from her face. She immediately threw me right into conversation after introducing ourselves. We’ve talked about the boom of social media and she ask for some of my thoughts. I soooo regret my stupid answers…lol…but oh well, I need to go outside my comfort zone some day. I really enjoy her energy. She wasn’t the “polite and so nice type”, she was truly nice yet fun and so down to earth. I have so much more respect for her now and will be looking forward to more of her future work.

This is a new location and they were still unpacking.  Look at all those awards from from Emily.
How they organized the makeup… Didn’t gett he chance to dig deep… I was too overwelmed O_o
They had the NARS Bento Box!!! Which is now in stores for $125, yikes!  It truely is beautiful and Emily looked Gorgeous in it… she had the perfect skin color.

* In order left to right: Ashley, me, and Emily. 
I look so freaking dark and orange that day… Think it was the new Chanel foundation that failed me =[

Before we left, Emily invited my friend Amy and I to take whatever we wanted from the beauty room. Deep inside I wanted to feast myself and engulf the whole makeup bin but I had to retain myself otherwise that will probably be the last they want to see of me. LOL. Never thought something like that would happen to me. I feel really honored to meet new and positive people everywhere I go. I couldn’t have asked for more.
The Mac Box… was thinking about pouring this down my pants =P
I also got to hang out with my good friend Amy, from back in the day. She’s one of the few girl friends I still keep in touch with and trust. We’ve been doing our own thing since college and having boyfriends. I notice that when girls get into serious relationships, they stop socializing with others. I used to be one of those type of girls. It seemed a little pathetic to just devote your time and energy into a guy, but once you find your so called “love” – he becomes your only best friend. I’m in a good point in my life where my hubby is my best friend and yet I can make time for girltime. It’s important to have a balance in your life… and keep the good friends you know. You’ll never know if you’ll meet another person like that again. Now that I’m 28 (ughhh), it’s not easy to make new friends right away. We have family, work, and a butt load of stuff to worry about. Every now and then us girls should call one another and just chill, do a little shit talking, and laugh about our past.

*She is such a good person at heart and very genuine person.

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  1. cool i wish i had a chance like that!!!!! i want to be just like you when i grow up! (i’m nine)

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