Maggie Bag Winners

Hey Everyone!  Thank you for entering this Giveaway… Please note I will have more to come on this Blog.
As you understand, I can only pick 2 random winners.  This was a long tedious process… I had to go through all the comments and made sure those who enter followed the rules.  I need a easier and faster way to choose random winners.  Suggestions?  This will make future giveaways a lot more easier. 
So I basically had 17 pages of comments.  All though there was a 18th page, there was no comments on it to count.  I first choose a random page 1/17… then a random comment 1/10.  These were the results.
Winner 1…

congratulations to danahanne’s!!!

Winner 2…

congratulations to SarahsAdventures!!!
Winners have 1 week to respond through my Youtube and give me their info.  Thanks again!!!

  And don’t worry Maggie Bags will have more giveaways!

Thank you MaggieBags.Net