Forgotten Moments & Change for the Best

OTK boots: H-Halston for Bakers, Jacket, Top, and fur shawl H&M, Bag ASOS

 Dress- Tucker for Target, Vintage Boots
Pants forever21, Top H&M, Clutch Vintage, shoes Lulus, madalion necklace ASOS
* I’m so pale in this photo =/ 
Vintage boots, Bolero jacket and belt  F21, Thrifted belt, shorts- Macy’s, bag ASOS

These are photos I’ve taken throughout this past month but haven’t had the time to sort out and process. It’s such a long process just to have a few good photos. I think, I wasn’t going to use these because at the time I felt like it was too casual. Looking back, I think I have such a eclectic taste. Some people have a style they often stick around- but I’m all over the place. I get bored too easily and love almost every style in the book. I’m always evolving into the next big thing for me…
Many of my friends or family like to eat, dress, play, work, and repeat many of the same things they’re so comfortable with. I believe some are happy where they are- and many are afraid of CHANGE. I can’t be like that… There are just so many things in life to experience. Some girls can go clubbing every weekend, something I used to do. But I felt so bored of meeting the same type of people. Mostly attention whores or perves. I started doing more traveling, hiking, site seeing, meeting new people, and discovering new hobbies. Life just became so much more interesting and colorful. I’m so glad to have discovered blogging- where now I can reach out to other girls around the world, that share the same interest I have. *hand shake and hugs ^_^