Shopping and Stopping

Hey y’all… How is everyone??? Welcome my new peeps! I see more beauties added to my list of fashionistas. I know I haven’t been giving my blog much TLC (tender loving care) lately due to the fact, my darling, ahhemm… camera guy has been busy. I’m very much into the little details when it comes to photography. Eric takes the photo and I edit it, we’re a team like that. I don’t like to photoshop the photos, normally I would adjust the lighting and crop out any extra boo-boo. I want to make sure my photos are blog worthy. Sometimes I think I’m just too analytical with these stuff and maybe chillax for a moment. Many of you guys have asked if I have a professional taking my pictures. Absolutely not haha!, Eric and I are both amateur photographers. We do this as a couple’s hobby. I have studied studio photography before so I know a little extra than the regular stuff but it’s mainly getting to know your camera and implementing your vision.
These are a few random forgotten shots from these past few weeks.  1st photo was a stop somewhere in the boonies of Maine.  We made a pit stop and decided to take a few shots.  This was during my rashy outbreak on my neck.  That’s why I’m so cover-up.  Don’t mind the little guy… he likes to steal my spotlight. 

2nd set of photos are hilarious. Well at least the memories are. This is taken with the bodacious, sexy bytch who needs no introduction… xPpinkx ( . We have talked about meeting up sometimes before, but coincidently bumped into each other at no other than Forever21. The odd of that from happening is insane. I must have infinity with this chica! Anywho! It was a wonderful pleasure to meet this girl.  It’s always great to meet new people.
Here we are, picture whoring ourselves smack in the middle of a snobby mall. We also did some vlogs but aren’t sure if we’ll be publicizing the insanity.
vintage burgundy boots
H – Halston boots for bakers and HM faux fur shawl
Forever21 boho bolero jacket
*Thanks P for these wonderful photos!