Love this T-shirt!!! It’s a Beetles Tee that says “You say U want a Revolution”. Back in the days, people are so much more hands on with politics and real issues. They really dress the part and they’re life style screams with the clothes they wear or how they carry themselves. It seems today, that we lose that identity of who we are and many of us just fall into trends, not a life style.

Funny how we never or not often see ourselves as “maybe” the bad one… the bullshitter…the fake.   We often victimized ourselves by criticizing others to feel like we know what we are doing.  Hypocrite, something you and I are both guilty of.  What matters most is if you have BALLS to admit to it. I’m no saint for sure but I do know I am blessed to know myself…  Not everyone has a open mind.  Some are brainwashed, others are in total denial, and some live in total fear.  Sometimes we need to be defeated or forced to the lowest and darkest point in our life in order to humble our existent.  I’ve come across folks with tunnel vision, they see one way and nothing else around them.  With that kind of mind, you will lose the people you love and the life you could have had.  Life is scary… risky… and full of disappointment… BUT if we don’t have any one of that… we will never know or understand the opposite of it.   Those are the things that make life so damn beautiful!

Shoes: Zara, Pants: Forever21, Shirt: the Beetles, Fur Shawl H&M