The New Suspenders

I absolutely love these suspender tights. It’s perfect for those who don’t dare to wear the actual suspenders and thigh highs. I definitely don’t feel like walking sex in these. In photos they definitely look a lot more sexy! It’s really cute and playful. 
tights topshop, belt thrifted
I’ve been pretty tired of painting my life in purple with the exception of this lovely dress. First glance at it caught my undenying attention. The vibrant hue makes it perfect for a night out, however it can easily be dress down for a day in park. Anything versatile is a win win in my closet!
dress & shoes from Forever21


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    I FREAKING LOVEEEEEE YOUR TIGHTS…Where did you get it? When you get here this Nov, please take me go shopping with you perhaps you can give me a make over too!! and niceeee photos you look so hot….the person who took this picture (ur bf) is probably very turned on too hahahaahahahahahaaaa (hope he is not reading)

  2. thanks ladies! I bet you all would look super sexy in them too!

    @cydia – you are so freaking funny!!! lol… I listed the stores above =) and yes I would love to take u shopping as long as we have some boba n ice cream again =)

  3. Hi, I just checked out your blog and I really love it! You are very pretty! Keep up with the awesome posts 🙂

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    thanks =)

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