Hot Pink Blazer


After NYC, I’ve been scramming around trying to catch up on video post, blog post, answering viewer’s questions, and just keeping things on track at home.

Today I wanted to make some requested videos however I broke out in hives over the weekend and now my neck is red and rashy =( such a bummer. I don’t know wtf happen! I’ve been so sensitive to a lot of things lately and my skin hasn’t been getting any better. I’ve been pretty stress about my acne breakout this year and I’m trying to do everything I can possibly do. Grrrrr… I feel like a cursed child.
Jacket- thrifted, shoes- dollhouse, shorts-F21, head scarf H&M

5 comments on “Hot Pink Blazer”

  1. I love love love the headband/wrap. My head must be oddly shaped because these styles just look foolish as hell on me. I’ll just have to watch you rock it instead 🙂

  2. I found your blog through Pink’s (Pam’s) site! I’m so glad I did. I must say I love your boots!!

    You have a fan in me cause i’m a follower! ^^

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