Fashion Weekend: A Day with the Bloggers

Monteau dress, F21 shoes, H&M jacket, Thrifted belt
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So I typed up half a page describing my day at the chictopia10 just to have my computer crashed and not auto save my file =/ That totally ruins my mood.
Anyhow, I did have lots of fun at the Chictopia10 and got to meet most of the bloggers I’ve adore. The day was definitely a rush taking the subway, walking in the rain with cheap but cute heels, and forgetting to bring my camcorder. All I had was my annoying point and shoot Nikon.
Prepping for the event did not worked out exactly as planned. I broke out in hives around my neck due to some allergic reaction the day before; therefore I couldn’t wear what I had in mind. I didn’t bring my good camera and on top of everything I was super nervous to take the subway by myself for the very first time. I did well but it was sure scary as hell.
Meeting Bloggers was definitely a lot different than meeting the vloggers. A lot less commercial and more like meeting a new person. Everyone was more beautiful and skinnier in person. I don’t mind that some bloggers make money for something they enjoy doing. That’s basically having a dream job and who wouldn’t take advantage of the situation? We all have bills to pay. I also like the fact that bloggers and small businesses are supporting each other and relying less on big advertisement and main stream media.
On another note, I also admire the vibe of independent style. I see an era of independent approaching. Not just in fashion but in our everyday lifestyle. No more b.s. promises, men in offices making decisions for us, just people starting to think for themselves.

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  1. Oh wow… it’s taken me a while to catch up on blog reading but thanks for including me in this post; I’m flattered! Anne, it was pleasure to meet you and I’m loving your blog!

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