Fashion Week: Day One

It was definitely a spontaneous day, full of adventure running around Time square.
Last minute, I heard about some big time vloggers in the NYC area and wanted to meet them in person. I decided it would be a great opportunity to meet with Cydia (Cydangie) from NY as well. She was very sweet to free up her day and show me around the city.
The day started with taking the Chinatown bus and arriving late, boba tea and ice cream at the same time, then to Time Square. We first arrived at the wrong Sephora, walked from block to block to find the next. We finally arrived at one, just to find out that the “gurus” weren’t even there on time. Next, we wondered around to a few other Sephoras to find out what was happening at what store. The walk around wasn’t too bad since we spent a lot of time chatting up a storm. Finally we got to meet Kat Von D and some vloggers. She was super tall with her extra high platform and fun to meet.

Some of the vloggers look exactly on their videos, where as some are prettier in person. The event was full of activities and crowded places but definitely fun. Something I would love to do again.

w/ Cydangie
w/ Kat Von D
w/ Michelle Phan
w/ whatstyleistonickel
w/ fafinettex3
w/ julieg713 I like to make cheezy signs ^_^
w/ EnKoreMakeup

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  1. Great pictures! Your outfit looks soo cute! OMg I love CYDIA—love her so much! So awesome you got to meet all those gurus and even Kat Von D!

  2. hahahahhaaa pointing up to april lol

    Ann you better send me the pictures soon or is it on fb already? you have the bestest pictures with the gurus mine are BAD ><

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