Current Fall accessories


I’m excited about fall fashion but I must say my allergies are killing me =/ I’m a wreck this time to October. I just schedule an appointment with a acupuncturist as my final resort, I hope she can do something for me. I read some interesting stuff about acupuncture therapy.
Back to fashion. I just received these Jeffery Campbells from U.O. Loving it! My first step in them almost broke my ankle but I just need some practice. The wedges are a bit narrow, wished it was chunkier like in photo. Other than that the style is simple, versatile with many items hanging in my closet, at the same time it’s very artsy and fun.
Also, this year I’ve been more of a necklace person than a earrings kind of gal. I think it’s because of the many statement necklaces out there. Forever21 has been carrying some great inexpensive selections. I’ve been eyeing some of Nicole’s Richie Harlow pieces… one day.
I’m still a ring lover. This was purchased from Forever21. It’s very sorceress like!

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  1. These are some beautiful shoes!

    The front part of the wedge (the curved part) must give you a weird sensation with every step! A walking roller coaster ahah

  2. i love that ring! I know this brand and app that would be great for you! the brand is Isharaya and the app is Covet Fashion

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