and the Winners are…


Dearest Viewers,

I am pleased to announce the winners from my haul contest. This was something I’ve wanted to personally do- to show you my gratitude. I truly wish there was a way I can give all my viewers something to show my greatest appreciation. However, I haven’t been that blessed =P Fortunately, I am able to do a little something. Please accept my sincere gestures even if you are not one of the winners this time around.

Keep in my mind my dearest friend, for I will have more to come and another awesome contest coming soon! So please stay tune and Know that I love you all.

Truly yours,

Ann ^_^

Winner of Romper DJMINDY
Winner of Shoes Yellosparrow08

If I was ever to win the lottery, I would travel the world with my family and meet as many subscribers as I can in hopes that I can treat you out for dinner and have memorable conversations. Wouldn’t that be wonderful ^_^
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