Thrifting & Sweets… oh my!

This past weekend the boys and I took a mini trip to visit the in laws down south NJ. We made the most of our trip and wondered around the local area. I’ve recently developed a sick obsession for thrift hunting. Something about thrifty finds that brings out the pirate in me hunting for treasures! Arggg! We discovered a little town called Haddonfield hidden with consignment shops in clean little rich alleys. The prices were off the charts but I don’t tolerate full prices. Luckily like every other store, they were gearing up for fall inventory and getting rid of the old stuff… fine with me! Treasures galore!!! I was spinning in circles trying of statement belts of all sorts and hovering over other women to get dibs on the jewelries. Ohhh.. it was such a blurrr… a pleasant blurrr…
I didn’t take many photos because I was caught in the moment and it didn’t clicked dorky Eric to take photos for me. Any who I did took lots of photos of Vegan Treats bakery in Bethlehem, PA. This is the ultimate Vegan must go to place. The cakes were too sweet for my liking BUT the donuts and cupcakes were kick ass out of this world num num!

13 comments on “Thrifting & Sweets… oh my!”

  1. thrift store? funnnn!!! it looks like a vintage store more than a thrift store though… I love it!! love your outfit, u look so chill!! those sweets looks delish!! I was salivating just looking at the pictures… hahaha

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  3. those cupcakes look AMAZING!!! the ones with the cherries!! oh my i want one!! 🙂 wish there were good thrift shops over here 🙁 xo

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