Thrift & Tell

*This is a second hand store not where I got the stuff from.
Last post I was super exited to talk about my discoveries but too lazy to take photos of them all. This time around I did… I did indeed. I also added more to the pile of stale smelling goodies. Keep in mind my friends…these are just some of the items I thought you would be interested in seeing. The rest are either in my washer or hanged outside to air out.
I’m soo caught in the momentum of thrifting, it became hazardous to my wallet. You think you have amazing deals yet they all add up.
I was super ecstatic that Eric and the Boss enjoyed this new found hobby of mine. Eric picked up some super good deals at the thrift shops in NJ… he found a $100 light stand (we’ve been both eyeing for a while) for $10- brand spankin new! He also picked up some Northface jackets for $15 dollars- sold used on ebay for around $100. That’s what I’m talking about!
As for the Boss man was content with his jumbo lollipop which was purchased new at Staples (out of all places). He had a ball jumping on the mountains of clothes.
Lollipop $1
Belts $5 each, gold necklace $5, Sam Edelman gold shoes $10
Satchel purse $5, H&M skirt $12, Anne Taylor Blazer $2
Hidden gold watch and Chicco cuff watch watches $6 each, bracelet and ring $5 each
perfect 80’s blazer in blazin pink $5 and masculine grey $3
70’s gold Saks purse $10 , skinny gold belt $0.50, 80’s belt $6

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