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Vov is a Korean drugstore like brand in Korea, however buying it in the US cost department store prices. Not sure what sparked my intelligence to buy these items for that price. Maybe it’s the “not so savvy” side of me that just loves things from other countries. I purchased the eyeshadow palette, blush, and bb cream all from ebay. I’m not going to reveal the seller’s name since I don’t recommend her service to you.

After reading and watching multiple reviews I was convinced to try out the eyeshadows. The orders came straight from Korea therefore it took me an agonizing 3 weeks to receive them. The day they arrived I was so ecstatic. The particular palette I ordered was the 9 colors in Airy Bloom Dia #906, the showcase ball on cheek blush, and the bb cram #2 shade.

$20 The Airy Bloom palette was disappointing even if I did bought it for drugstore prices. The colors looked solid on picture and was describe as baked mineral powder with pearl like effects. I was so excited to swatch each color on my fingers only to see that they were all very shimmery and alike. All the shades were very much similar to one or the others. This maybe the ideal eye shadow for girls so love to use shimmer shadows or highlights.

$17 BB cream. BB cream is the rage amongst all Asian girls these days. I had to find out for myself how good this stuff is. I had to say, I was impressed with the amount of coverage this gives and the way it feels on my skin. It’s pretty much a 3 in one cream; it’s a whitener, sunblock, and foundation. It doesn’t feel oily or sticky. Thankfully it wasn’t heavily scented either. Only downside is this Vov bb cream came in 2 shades. #2 was the darkest and yet looked very light on my skin even after oxidizing. This would probably we my winter foundation.

$13 Showcase ball on cheek blush. I was hoping maybe buying Asian makeup would help with my breakout problem; but once I open the cute little lid the fragrance almost knocked me out. Problem with many Asian cosmetic is that they rely too much on chemical perfume which is total turn off for me. Whenever something is too fragrant , all I can think is the amount of chemical put into the product. Aside from the powerful smell, the shade was bright pale pink. I wouldn’t use it as a blush but more of a check highlighter.
I was given these free Findme eye shadows with my purchase. They were very pigmented, soft, and shimmery. I think I have enough shimmer shadows for now.

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  1. The cheek blush is so cute! I love the little balls. I hate heavily scented cosmetics too. At least those eyeshadows are gorgeous.

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