Yukata : Book of photos


5 years ago during my travel to Thailand I made a quick stop in Japan. That was when I purchased my first Yukata. 5 years later, I am finally making good use of it.
A Yukata is a casual simple summer version of a kimono. Yukatas are often worn in Japan during the spring and summer time for festival outings, graduations, or other special occasions.
The photos above were taken over this weekend. There never seem to be an event or special occasion for me to make good use of my yukata or heck -even dress up! And since the flowers on the trees were at full bloom I wanted to take full advantage this spring and capture every moment. Having a blog also gave me all the right reasons to dress up and take lots of photos =D
Getting dressed alone took quite a while, so I made sure to get lots of good shots out of the day. I actually walked around all day in the park wearing the yukata. Of course people like to stare and some made wonderful comments. I was totally embarrassed at first but knowing a lot of preparation was made into wearing this, I didn’t let the staring bother me. I myself wouldn’t mind seeing someone in a beautiful dress or outfit, it’s a lot better than seeing people in their pjs.

btw.  I’m not Japanese and I like the way the socks look with the sandals.