Top-H&M, Shoes-Target, Belt-Thrifted (all purchased by me =)
Finally a sunny day here in NE. Thought I wear some shorts and high heels to show off some mosquito bitten legs =D This past week was all in the 50’s-60’s degree range. The weather’s been pretty indecisive I would say. How’s the weather in your area?

12 comments on “Over-sizing”

  1. Well, i’m pretty jealous of the 50’s-60’s degrees you are having, it’s pretty darn freezing cold here in Europe with 2 weeks of non stop rain. Arrghh..
    Hopefully soon i’ll be able to wear some shorts too.. great pics btw.

  2. Hi!!!
    I saw your videos on youtube…
    you look fantastic!!
    I just cant belive you are a mom!! hahaha…. well.. I’m from brazil.. I just LOVE fashion and photos too.. I just wanna to say that I loved your videos and blog…
    that is it..
    beijo tchau!!

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