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Lately my skin haven’t been looking peachy or at least a bit decent. I’ve been breaking out like a mad woman O_O ! arrrr!!! There’s so many things that can cause our bodies to act insane and cause breakouts- Stress, pms, the environment, eating habits, or just unlucky genes =( I’ve always suffer from acne since a bratty teenager. Now as an adult it gets more stressful. To think the curse would end once hitting 22 was just a dream. I’ve notice in warmer weather my skin clears up and it’s during the fall and winter I tend to break out more.

Well, I thought I give this Clinique acne system a try. It’s been 2 days into this, so far it doesn’t feel so harsh on my skin like the other acne wash and creams. $29

I’ve heard some great reviews on this daark spot corrector.  Thought I try it out since Clinique have a money back guaranteed!

I am loving the applicator on these cute looking blusers by Liosele. I just ordered these in pink and orange! Can’t wait to try them out. $15/each.
I’m a sucker for coral and orange every summer, so I had to get one of this in orange sherbert by Liosele. $15/ each.

I will do a video review on all these items. Once I’ve tried them out ^_^
* Disclaimer: All items were purchase by ME!

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  1. Aww I feel you, i hate when my skin goes bad. The clinique 3 step system actually did not work for me and was a nightmare! Ir dried up my skin and broke me out. I had cystic acne for months that i tried to recover from. I returned it back to the store! Maybe the acne system will work different, let us know how it works out for you! :]

  2. Man, I’m the same way. 🙁
    My skin was doing so good, till I tried to change my makeup routine! Been trying to undo the damage I did for months.

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