Shopping in Beantown

These photos were taken on a street next to Newbury Street, which is in one of the upscale neighborhoods. These are some of the historical and charming million dollar townhouses in Boston.
I think the colorful girl in the background is stealing my spotlight =)
Just yesterday we were dining and shopping in Boston. The day started out sunny and bright. However, once we arrived to the city it didn’t felt so sun shiny but windy, chilly, with a touch of gray sky! We visited one of my favorite vegetarian restaurant that sits right outside of Boston called Grasshopper. Of course once we were there, we instantly enticed ourselves to some delectable vegan dishes- Taro nest, the No Name, and vegetable Chow-Fun noodles. Yum…I love vegetables! I would have taken photos but we were pigging out the moment the food had arrived. My little guy left with a fruity smoothie and I left with their delicious bean shake.
On the way to where the shopping was happening we stopped by the Goodwill near BU. Nothing beats thrifty shopping in a hip neighborhood. Eric went to find some sweet deals at the EMS nearby while I took my time strolling in the Goodwill. I came upon the leather burgundy clutch in the photos above. Lovely purse, all leather, made in Italy, with a cute mirror attached. All for a whopping $2.49! I wish I had dug into the purse bins more but stupid me didn’t and I missed out on a very lovely quilted black purse with gold chain straps- found by another nifty shopper after me =( tisk… tisk, shame on me.
After the wonderful discovery we went to Newbury Street where all the boutiques, designer label, fancy restaurants and chain stores all sits. We did a little shopping and walking. The day ended early but perfectly for us to enjoy the rest of our evening eating left over and relaxing.

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  1. & yet another super cute, super stylish getup… i looooove your style!! I swear!! how do u take such good pictures?? haha.. just curious!!

  2. Your pictures are really great! I’m in love with the setting in them. What camera does your hubby use?

    I’m a huge fan of yours! Thx for the post.

  3. Wow tnght I found like three new great blogs to follow and to add to my blogroll, yours is one of them:) Thx for leaving comment on my blog bcs that is how I found yours!

  4. That’s a great find at Goodwill! Oh man, the people at my local Goodwill are so competitive. They’ll hover around me while I’m looking at things so they can grab whatever I’m browsing through.

    I read about a girl finding a Chanel purse at a Goodwill. Crazy things out there!

  5. Wow… the weather looks amazing in Boston and you do too! A loving the knitted vest.
    The Taro nest sounds so delish right now. It’s making me hungry at the moment. =X My stomach just growled no lie.

    That is such an amazing find and for only $2.49?! How come I never find any cool places to shop at. The Goodwill by my area never has anything good and I haven’t gotten the chance to check out places in the city. Hopefully soon though.

    <3 Serena.

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