My New Love- Sleek Palettes


I am so in love with these sleek palettes. I must warn you that these are not sold in the US, yet. They are however available through Sleek’s website. After watching numerous reviews about these palettes for quite some time now; I finally came upon a trusting video blogger from the UK and we agreed upon doing an international swap.
Ever since seeing other vloggers using these, the palettes instantly made it to the top of my most wanted list. After an agonizing month of waiting for these from the Postal service, I was pump up to try them out. It did not disappoint! To me these have the consistency of Tarte’s eye shadows. Except Tarte has department store prices where as one of Sleeks palettes run for $7.00 US and $5.45+ Euros. The eye shadows are mineral base, easy to blend, and well pigmented. I love how they don’t feel too dusty and the colors come off smooth and vibrant.
I also prefer this over Urban Decay’s eye shadows. It’s a lot easier to use on my skin. With other eye shadows such as Urban Decays, I find myself keep having to pack on shadows for the colors to pop. With Sleek, it takes only one swatch or brush stroke. I can actually use anyone of my makeup brushes to blend these shadows- whereas some have to be used with certain brush to work. I’m lusting over their Bohemian palettes now. Hmmm… -_^ !   I will post a look that I used with this soon!

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