I’ll take a photo near any flower trees

Hey all ^_^ These photos were taken a few days ago when it was okay enough to wear shorts. I saw those beautiful flower trees flowing in the wind outside my apartment and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I love flower trees. It’s too sad that flowers don’t last so long.
Lately I’ve been feeling like hibernating for a number of reasons. The weather has been no help. I don’t mean to complain about it so much but gosh darn-it! It’s been windy, drizzling, dark, and super chilly. I would have worn my winter coat out if I haven’t stored them away too soon. What was I thinking of spring cleaning too early?!
Interesting thing, I read some articles on how our planet is actually going through global cooling not warming and that the arctic isn’t melting but it fact thicker than ever before! How crazy, it’s hard to know what is true anymore. It seems everywhere we go or look we’re somehow fixed into believing something through fear.
I get a lot of questions about my camera.  We use a Canon rebel.  I made my hubby pick up on photography just this year.  He’s total guy-guy who has no imagination and no idea about fashion.  He’s basically learning the technical side of photography for me and I just direct the shoot.  We’re a 2 person team.  Thank you for the lovely comments ^_^  My hubby especially enjoy reading them.

Aldo shoes, shorts and top from a while back- can’t remember =)

12 comments on “I’ll take a photo near any flower trees”

  1. man I love all of your photos on blog. Who is your photographer? And I love the place you are living right now. It is so beautiful. The scenery is so amazing. You always have such cute pics. Love the quality of the photo too.

  2. you look very nice and photos like this look so romantic! PS:I used your advice how to wear scarf and everybody was asking me last night how I did it:)

  3. beautiful outfit!! we have had crazy weather over here inc hail then sunshine for days then a week of snow! plus really bad floods causing people to have to be rescued from their homes! the weather is so unpredictable at the minute!
    vicki xo

  4. @ngocupham- thanks sweetie =) my hubby takes my photos. He just started photography this spring. lol

    @xoxomichelle- thanks michelle! I had it professionally highlighted in partial foil. It was bleached then tone. I told my stylist I want a chestnut like color

    @Viki- wishing you better weather and hope your town is safe.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments ^_^

  5. i am the exact same way!! i have two trees in front of my house that have white blossoms all over them! im obsessed

  6. I, too, am instantly attracted to anything flowering…which is easy these days with world being in full bloom 🙂

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