Feeling Mighty in Green

This weekend was set up at the perfect temperature. It was between spring and summer. I was in such a good mood for so many reasons today. My skin was glowing and I was on my way to pick up a yummy Durian =P Yes, Durian! I am a Durian lover although you see me holding a pineapple- which happens to be conveniently around the time of shooting. I actually left it in my car to ripen over the weekend and when we went out to shoot some photos I thought it’ll make a great accessory! I almost look like I’m on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean. Haha!

 Have a great weekend!

Romper- F21, Shoes- Target (all item purchase by me)

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  1. i love the green colour on your!!!!!

    nice blog HONEY! 😀 I LIKE IT!!!

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