Closet Tips for Spring Cleaning

You haven’t seen anything yet!

Okay so I’ve been getting a few request from some of you to see my closet. Truth is it’s not very interesting. I have one little itsy bitsy closet that I pretty much have to store my clothes in. I used to live in a house with my very own room to store all my junk and hobby stuff. My family and I moved out of town for about a year now due to business. We haven’t decided where exactly we want to settle down so we’re living in a cozy apartment for now. I’ve been trying to live simple but my closet is nowhere close to that. Therefore I came up with a few plans to have my clothes and my space.

Once upon a time I was an area Visual merchandiser for a bunch of fashion retail stores. So when it comes to organizing I am always brainstorming practicality and appeal. With an individual closet, it’s more fun to incorporate personal style than just the overall presentation.

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to store away the heavy winter items and depressing colors.

Step 1 – Making room for the new season: Set up 3+ bins for..

a. Coats, winter boots, heavy sweater, etc… (you may want to keep a few sweaters and jackets for those breezy days)

b. Donations- one women’s trash is another women’s treasure. Who doesn’t love thrift shopping?

c. Clothes you can cash on: Every now and then we buy something expensive and let it sit in the closet. Once you realized you don’t like it anymore, you really regret spending all that money. Why don’t put it on ebay? (stay tune for my blog sale =p)

Step 2: After having your bins or boxes set up I suggest you take ALL your clothes off the rack. Why? Because you will find things you have forgotten. Trust me. Besides that it’s great to start fresh.

Step 3: Figure out how you like to set up your clothes that will be hanged. What I mean by this is some people prefer to hang their clothes by colors or by categories. I used to hang my clothes by colors but I didn’t find it too practical. So What I did now is hang them my categories such as dresses, sweaters, tops, etc. From there I would hang my dresses by sleeves to sleeveless. Next I would hang cute blazers or sweater next to my dresses because I know I like to always have a good cover-up when going out.

These are some organizational tips that I find practical. If you have any that you like to share please put it in the comment section. I love to hear what others are doing as well. I hope this will help some of you out there. Have a bright day!

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  1. Thank you for the tips! My closet is super small at my apartment, so I set up a clothing rack and a few under the bed bins. I also have a dresser, but it’s always overflowing.

    I really need to give clothes away, but I’m awful at sorting what I need and what I just want to keep!

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