In the Twilight



I love how I can now venture out and express my style. I’m not speaking of just clothing, more like everything. I love creating a mood whether it’s in my photos or my videos.
About today’s photo. It was a miserable gray rainy day. After work Eric took a nap and as I was sorting out my accessories, I looked out the window and it was foggy. I lived near a railroad station too and I can hear the train coming. It was the perfect dark movie moment! That made me want to run outside in a white dress and look creepy O_O I wanted to look more like a ghost but it was too freaking cold so I threw on my boots and a Jacket- weather appropriate! I woke Eric up and dragged him out to take the pictures. Of course he thought I was crazy because it was night time =P I’m not trying to put together a cute outfit but more of a story. You can decide what that is…

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  1. In the last one you look like a shewolf hunting for prey lol I don’t know, I like the directions the pictures are taking. Your hubby is getting really good capturing the mood and feeling of the moment love it! : )

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