Tarte Natural Lip stain


So far so good. These lip pencils- not like the other lip stains, are very smooth and creamy.  They’re almost like a lip pencil. The colors are natural and light enough to give your lips a tint of color with a fresh peppermint sensation and scent. I have one in Peaceful and the other in Joy. Joy is a very light shimmery almost coral shade, and peaceful looks like a mauve pink. I like the Joy shade better but peaceful surprising doesn’t look so bad on me. I think this would be my lip product of choice this spring or summer.

These are said to last long and are made of natural ingredients.

These were personal gifts to me for winning a makeup contest =) Thanks Elle.

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  1. thanks so much =) I would just say blog about anything you like and have fun with it. It’s your chance to express yourself. Great hobby of mine. It’s like talking to my girl friends from miles away!

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