9 comments on “Fun ways to tie your Scarves”

  1. LOve this! I know you’ve done a tutorial on the bow version on YT, but could you do them on the others? i would really love how to do the first one especially!

  2. yeah, i saw your video with the bow version of the scarf 🙂 it was very helpful and i wore my scarf like that to school several times. i received many compliments-thanks to you! if you can, it would also be great if you could do a video tutorial on the rest.

  3. I love to wear scarves. Your ideas are great! I learned to tie like the one in the bottom picture when I visited Seoul, South Korea. It was very “in” there.

    Any directions for the top one?

  4. LOVE these! Especially the 1st & 4th. But HOW do you do it?? I’m a bit challenged when it comes to this kind of stuff & tend to be more of a ‘step-by-step’ kind of person. Please HELP!! 🙂

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