Dressing Down Leather


Leather or better Pleather can make any outfit stand out.  If not worn carefully – you can send out the wrong message if you know what I mean ^_*.  Hot celeb mamas like Angie always knows how to make leather look classic and chic.  Ofcourse you can wear clothes however way you like, but these are just a few tips that work well for me.

1) Don’t show too much skin. 
     *Ex. If you’re wearing a mini leather short/skirt pair it with some cute tights.
2) Unless you’re a biker chick… easy with the leather!  Keep it simple with one leather item. 
     *Ex. If you’re wearing over the knee leather boots then wear somthing else above.
3) Dress it down.
     *Ex.  If you found some cute leather looking leggings dress it down with something casual like a sweater or basic white tee. 

Here’s a cute example of Hillary Duff durring the day.  I personally think she made this outfit work.  It’s young, edgy, fun, and daring.  She made it work for the day time by keeping the top super simple and casual. 

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