The Perfect Over the Knee Boots!

For me anyways…
I tried and seen many over the knee boots before. There are a lot that’s either hooker high or just flat and I can’t seem to find something in between. That was until now! I came across these babies on and omg I had to get them! The heels are 3.5″ which is high to me but the chunkiness makes up for it. I’ve seen the ones w/ stiletto heels and those just look so painful =/ The flat thigh boots can look really cute on girls w/ skinny legs. Skinny- as in space between your legs skinny. I envy you =( If I was to wear the flat thigh high boots my legs would look shorter and thicker. It’s all how you wear it ladies.
Below are the boots I’m waiting for!  I will tell you how I like it =)

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