Golden Globe 2010 Red Carpet


Who cares who won at the Golden Globe! Let’s talk about the dresses =D The only part I ever watch out of the whole show was when the celebrities walk the red carpet.

There were some celebs with boring pieces, safe and pretty looks, and then my favorite to see were the “make a statement” celebs. Here are a few photos of celebrities that I think are very adventuress when it comes to fashion. These are risk takers and trend setters to me. Some risk takers may not look great to others- but they sure have style and style is all about expressing your inner self.

Photos are from and you can view more by visiting the site.

Kate Hudson- Is never afraid to play with different shapes, cuts, and dimensions.  She’s super hip and elegant all at once.
January Jones- Super sleek and classy.  The head band really makes up the theme of the look.  This whole ensemble reminds me of Posh.
Drew Barrymore-  You either like this or you don’t.  Big fashion risk taker which makes her super fun.  She makes us wonder what will she pull off soon.
Xtina Aguilera – This dress really stands out away from all the others.  It’s futuristic & girly in one.
Anna Kendrick- She is really standing out as a fashion icon.  Very lady like with big dramatic ruffles.
Olivia Wilde (this is kind of a safe look but she always look fabulous on the red carpet)