Denim Creeping back Into our closets


Okay Jeans are an exception because that’s just a timeless piece to have around.  But denim tops, dresses, etc. is whole another story.  Skirts are safe depending on the style.  Other than that lets get into it.

I think about 7 years ago from what I remember denim jackets made its comeback into our lives. There were so many shades of denim blazers and even crop jackets. The denim jackets were huge and I think the dark distressed sand blast finish were more popular than acid like wash ones. I see them slowly creeping back onto the store’s shelves and I’m starting to see more of it. When I started to see denim jackets in the stores… I was like NOOooooo!!! Many magazines also ask their viewers what their thoughts were on denim back in style. The answer was “hell NO”.

I’m actually starting to like it. I feel so guilty for donating away my barely worn jackets 2 years ago
=( Luckily I kept one. GAP! They’re jeans are always so classic. I still have a Gap denim blazer jacket hidden in one of my barely worn boxes… just in case!

Anyways, I am loving this Gap dress below. I think I’ll be leaning toward the light washed denim this season. I can see this for the spring time, it would be too hot for the summer and too much for the winter.  This is a very layback style. I would pair it with some sandals or even experiment around with some boots.

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