Repurposed Tea Cup Candles: 1 Minute DIY


Hey everyone! As you all know by now, I love, love, love tea and candles, so this DIY combines my two favorite things into adorable room decorations.  Are you a candle fiend like me?  If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of half burnt or almost fully burnt candle remnants in your cabinet.  This DIY is a great way to repurpose your old candles and to use those vintage teacups that are just collecting dust in the cupboard. These DIY teacup candles make incredibly cute home decor that provides mood lighting and makes your room smell good.  Let’s get started with this DIY!


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DIY Heart Emoji Pillows


If you guys follow me on my social media accounts, you know that I love using emojis. I use the kissing one and the heart eyes emojis the most. Maybe because I enjoy sending love out so much. I think emojis are so fun and cute, and they really help communicate how you feel.

So today we are going to be making emoji pillows! I will be showing you guys how to DIY my favorite two emojis. While this DIY uses a sew method, it can be easily done as a no-sew method as well. These pillow emojis are fun and easy to make and a perfect gift for a good friend or family you often send emojis to. Don’t forget to tag me with #DIYwithAnn on Instagram or post your creations on my Facebook and Twitter! I love to see your versions of my DIYs and it really inspires me when I see recreations.

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DIY Chocolate Covered Heart Strawberries


Valentine’s Day, or SAD (Single’s Awareness Day), is coming up next month and I’ve decided to make these delicious chocolate covered strawberries! I’ve always purchased these from stores, but now I realize how much cheaper (and usually more delicious) it is to just make them myself. You can also personalize them much more to the taste of you (or your loved one).

So I know it’s been a long time since my last tutorial. DIYmas was a really ambitious project and although I’m happy that I managed to pull it off, it really burned me out. For the new year, I decided that I wanted to make more content that I wanted to do, and so while I’ll still be making DIYs, you guys will be seeing a bunch more new content for 2015. Anyways, let’s get onto the DIY!


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How to Redecorate for the New Year


In the past I never knew what to do with my space.  I have always been creative but when it comes to decorating, I go completely blank!    The question was always, where do I begin?  I liked so many styles, patterns, colors, and pretty much everything I see shopping. I would say I’m a very eclectic person. Therefore, when it comes deciding on one theme, I just couldn’t commit.  One day I would feel edgy, the next I would want something romantic, after that I want something simple and modern.  No, I’m not bipolar.  My problem is I love everything equally!  I still battle with having just one idea.  Therefore, to help my indecisive mind,  I would redecorate every few months to keep things interesting, fresh, and me.  It’s fun to change and switch things up.  you can enjoy all the wonderful things you love.  Find creativity in repurposing or decorating and keep things fresh according to the different seasons. If you’re indecisive like me and love everything you see a store, here are a few great tips to changing it up and keeping things fresh again.

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Happy 2015!! A New Years Eve to Remember


imageHey All!!! I hope you guys had a safe and invigorating New Years!!! Wow… I think we can all agree when we say, “I can’t believe it’s 2015!”.  What did you guys do on New Year’s Eve? People are always talking about parties and entertaining ideas but I never know what to do.  Everyone I know are all hermits like myself. I used to live in Massachusetts so it was always too cold to go out and on top of that New Year’s Eve falls on a week day which means we gotta work the next morning.  Continue on to read more…

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Favorite Makeup of the Year

makeup header

Hey Everyone!

It’s the end of another month and another year.  Where have time gone?  I’ve always thought I wasn’t big into beauty products until last week, I had no choice but to clean my makeup vanity.   My vanity was such an unorganized mess!

I usually watch other girls on youtube showoff their vanity and it always looked so nicely organized and well put together and so I immediately felt motivated to redo mine. However,   I felt super overwhelmed to just look at my mess. Anyhow, someones got to do it and that person was me.  As I was cleaning I saw many products that I have been enjoying this past year and been wanting to share with you guys.   Let’s start with a few of them for now shall we?

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Holiday Gift Haul & Favorites


Hey guys! I’ve been so busy crafting and creating these past few weeks that I really needed a retail therapy break. But it’s all for research, I promise, haha! All these items are amazing, and thank goodness it’s the holidays so I can spread the cheer of these fun little products as far as possible.

So let’s get started!

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10 Christmas Traditions


I love Christmas so much! The festive holiday atmosphere always makes me so cheery. My household doesn’t do many holiday traditions, but back in England when it snowed there, Vincent would love going outside to play with his friends. We would try to make a snowman, but we always failed because the snow was too slushy! Now that we are in Southern California, we’ll have even less success with making a snowman. Because it doesn’t snow here.

Oh well. Here I’ve made a list of what I think some of my favorite Christmas Traditions that everyone should try this holiday season with their loved ones!

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7 Unique Ways to Wrap Your Gifts


Are you bored of just grabbing the nearest roll of boring old wrapping paper when it comes time to wrap up gifts? What about when your gift is round, bumpy or just plain odd shaped?! Do you want your gifts to stand out from the pile? Great, because after wrapping gifts for so many years, I’ve assembled 7 cute ways to kick your gift wrapping  up to the next level! After this, you’ll be wrapping like a pro…

Let’s get started!

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DIY Body Lotion for Cold Weather


Hey guys! I am so sorry this blog post is a behind the video.  A reader had reminded me about this but DIYmas has been taking up my full attention and time.  This was a DIY I worked on during fall but you can totally change the scent and color to something more fitting in the change of seasons.  Now with winter and the holidays around the corner, I’m thinking a peppermint scented lotion sounds fantastic! The best part of making your own lotion is that you can use all natural ingredients, so that you know exactly what’s going on your skin. This is a very easy recipe, and great too if you’re looking for a special homemade gift.

So let’s get started!

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